CTMC@Ebiquity User Guide

The following instructions only applies to cellphone users who have T-Mobile as their service provide.

Step 1. Decide what command to send to the Broker

Check the list of available commands.

Step 2. Send an email message over SMS

Because the Context Broker does not have a designated SMS alias name in the T-Mobile network, we use the Email-over-SMS service (500).

Compose a new text message and enter "500" at the TO field.

In the beginning of the message body, enter "cobra@cs.umbc.edu". This is email address of the Context Broker that the SMS message will be routed to.

Enter a blank space after the email address.

Enter the CTMC command followed by the '#' character.

To: 500

cobra@cs.umbc.edu qMeeting#

Fig. 1: an example CTMC message. By sending this message over the T-Mobile network, you ask the Broker to answer a list of today's meeting event (incld. title, and meeting ID).

Send the message.

Few minutes later, you should receive a reply message from the Context Broker.

From: cobra@cs.umbc.edu
Subject: RE: qMEETING

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[15] My Experience in Building Ontology-Driven Applications
[18] Trust Networks
[25] Open Source XML
[14] Web Services Tutorial


Fig. 2: an example message that is replied by the Context Broker after an "qMEETING" command is received.













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