CoBrA Demo Toolkit

About CoBrA Demo Toolkit

This toolkit is a set of software applications for demonstrating the key features of CoBrA. It's aimed to provide a proof-of-concept demonstration and stimulate future system design and development.

Latest release: cobra-demo-1.0.0

Demo Features

  • Shows the Context Broker's ability to detect knowledge inconsistency by reasoning over a set of pre-defined spatial ontologies (using SOUPA and COBRA-ONT).
  • Shows the use of the ScriptPlay agent to simulate message sending from a group of context-aware agents to the Context Broker.
  • Shows the use of CoBrA Eclipse Viewer to monitor the knowledge base changes in the Context Broker while it's interacting with a group of context-aware agents.

The following video clip and the UML diagram give a general overview of the demo scenario and the demo procedure:

Download & INSTALL

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Last Updated: July 15, 2004

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