CoBrA Demo Toolkit Installation

Table of Content

  1. System Requirement
  2. Quick Start
  3. Addtional Configuration

System Requirement

  • MySQL (tested with 4.0.16)
  • Java SDK 1.4
  • Eclipse 3.0M7 or M8
  • Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows

Note: For the Windows users, you probably need to tweak the demo shell script to work with the Windows environment. It should be easy if you have Cygwin installed.

Quick start

Step 1. Download CoBrA Demo Toolkit

Download the following software from the code.base:

  • cobra-demo.1.0.0.tar.gz

Unpack the .tar.gz file somewhere on the local file system. This document assumes that you have successfully unpacked file, and the full path to the cobra directory is /home/bob/cobra-demo-1.0.0

Install the CoBrA Eclipse Viewer.

Step 2. Install MySQL & Setup Database

In the demo, the Context Broker store OWL ontology schemas and data in a MySQL database, which is back by the Jena 2 persistent data model support.

By default, the Broker uses the following JDBC information to access the database:

JDBC URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/ctb_db
Username: ctb
Password: ctb

To simplify the configuration process, it's recommended that you set up a local MySQL database server on the same machine that runs the CoBrA demo using the above DB access information. That is, create a DB called "ctb_db", which can be accessed (read + write) by the user "ctb" using the password "ctb".

Read the additional configuration section if you intend to use
customized MySQL DB configuration.

Step 3. Customize the Shell Script and Run the Demo

A shell script has been provided to you to start the demo application. The script is called "", which is located in the "/home/bob/cobra-demo-1.0.0/bin" directory.

Before you run the script, in the script file, you should change the value of the "COBRA_ROOT" variable to the full directory path where you have unpacked the Demo Toolkit (e.g., /home/bob/cobra-demo-1.0.0).

Save the change that you have made. Set the permission of the script to be executable (i.e., chmod 755

Additional configuration













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