cobra-ont (version 0.5 2004-03)

This ontology extends the upper ontologies defined in SOUPA (e.g., time, space, person, policy, agents, meeting, geographical measurements). The ontologies of COBRA-ONT is now focused on supporting use case scenarios that evolve around the eBiquity group meetings.

This version : http://cobra.umbc.edu/ont/2004/03/
Latest version: http://cobra.umbc.edu/ontologies.html

eBiquity Ontologies
Defines useful geographical ontologies for describing the location of eBiquity group meeting and UMBC.
Defines the ontology of eBiquity group meetings. Most of these concepts are extracted from the HTML version of the meeting agenda, and are well-known to the eBiquity group members.
Example Ontologies for Feasibility Demonstration
Describes a typical eBiquity group meeting context (e.g., the schedule, the attendees, web pages).
Shows the representation of a person's location context with associated longitude/latitude coordinates and temporal properties.
Shows the representation of an image capture event. An digital image is captured by a camera phone in a conference room.

NOTE: these ontologies are under rapid development. Sometimes these published ontologies may fail to pass the test of an OWL validator.













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