CoBrA prototype now includes a text messaging interface called CoBrA Text Messaging Commands (CTMC). Users who are interested in the eBiquity meetings, can ask the Context Broker for various kind of event information by sending a pre-defined set of commands through SMS.

A context broker is currently running at UMBC 24/7.


CoBrA mentioned in the weblogs: Semantic Wave Blog and Raw.


CoBrA source codes and releases are now available on the new CoBrA project homepage on the SemWebCentral.ORG. Completed CoBrA Demo Toolkit v1.0.0. The new release of CEV v1.0.1 now supports the loading of ontologies from a persistent DB (MySQL only).

Added a Quicktime video of the demo and a UML diagram that explains the demo procedure. Added documentation on how to install the demo system.


Migrating to using of the SOUPA ontology. The future COBRA-ONT will focus on defining ontologies for the eBiquity meetings and associated events. The new ontology will extend from the SOUPA ontology. COBRA-ONT v0.5 and examples are now available.


Added an Eclipse Plug-in tool called CoBrA Eclipse Viewer for exploring the knowledge base and monitoring the reasoning of a Context Broker.


Added a temporal reasoner. Release 1.0 is now available. This reasoner can process ISO 8601 date time format and reason with temporal relations between time instants and intervals using DAML-Time axioms.


Added new space ontologies based on the Region Connection Calculus (RCC) and ontologies for the UMBC ITE and ECS buildings. Modified ontologies for describing person and device location.


Added new space ontologies based on a subset of the OpenCyc spatial ontology. New tutorial examples are added for the space ontologies.


Made major changes to the CoBrA web site. Updated COBRA-ONT to include concepts from the FOAF, DAML-Time, and ITTalks ontologies. The next release version of the ontology will be v0.4. All ontologies are checked with the OWL ontology validator. Ontologies defined in COBRA-ONT v0.4 is OWL-DL.












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